Look at these recommendations before buying wholesale handbags

Acquiring quality handbag is one of the objectives that appear in any guide to good dress. Beyond the status that can be granted by wearing the logo of this or that firm, choosing a design that we like both today and in ten years is not trivial. In the same way that we compare the megapixels of the camera, the storage capacity or how well the selfies are, there are several issues that we must take into account before facing the purchase of the wholesale handbags from https://www.purse-obsession.com.

Light and comfortable

When choosing a bag that will accompany us not only for many hours, but also for years to come, it is best not to be blinded by the design and value aspects such as versatility or weight. It is essential that it be light and that it has several compartments, that way we will not go crazy looking for the keys or the wallet. Bet on a design that has a different point but is practical, that can be hung in various ways.


The choice of the type of closure depends on the tastes of each one. While the zipper offers more security, alternatives such as loops or magnets allow access to content more quickly. Baskets or bucket bags tend to leave their content unprotected. Experts recommend not opting for this option, especially if you are looking for an off-road bag with which to travel on public transport without fear. If it has a zipper, it must be smooth and the fittings must be lacquered so that the color is not lost when rubbed. 

Better in neutral tone

As with footwear or a coat with an eternal vocation, easy-to-match colors ensure better amortization. Black, gray, leather or earth tones are the most versatile and work for almost any occasion. As a first approach to a quality bag, stay away from excessively bright colors or very marked prints, since we run the risk of getting tired and wearing it very little. In general, before opting for one design or another, we must assess on what occasions we plan to use it, if its purpose is to ‘load’ things or if it is purely aesthetic.

Medium capacity

Size matters. Despite the catwalks insisting on taking their proportions to the extreme – from the small ones in which not even the mobile fits to those that seem designed to carry the house on their backs – the earthly decision is to find an intermediate point. Beyond aesthetic issues, it is convenient to be realistic. 

Reasonable price

Buying a quality bag is not always synonymous with spending an exorbitant amount of money. But just as it is necessary to banish that idea, it is also necessary to accept that when ridiculous prices are paid, it is impossible for the manufacturing conditions and the materials used to be adequate. Keep in mind that making a good bag is an artisanal process that requires many pieces to be assembled by hand, like a small puzzle. 

Buying handbags in bulk require not being carried away by the momentary impulse and opting for a design that is true to our personality, style and needs at all times.