The Best Men’s Shorts to Pick

As the season begins to get warmer, all men want to have some basic pieces of shorts in their wardrobe. No doubt that shorts are the most versatile form of clothing that every man must have in their wardrobe. There is a huge variety of shorts to choose from. You can opt for a relaxed fit and full coverage or close-cropped and cut-off. Choose the one that suits you best. A perfectly chosen pair of shorts can save you from the hassle of the last moment of what to wear.

You can pair your shorts with a tank top or a basic T-shirt. They can be worn to beaches or at home relaxing on your couch. You can also wear them when you are heading for a coffee with your friends. We have combined a few of the shorts for men that you may like to pick so let’s have a look.


1- Chino

When looking to buy some essential pieces of shorts in your wardrobe, never forget to buy chinos. It is the best and most important summer wardrobe essential that you must not miss to buy. They are very simple yet stylish too which makes you look fashionable. This pair of shorts is super versatile and offers so much to its users. It is a very comfortable piece of clothing that can be worn the whole day long. You can have this at much-reduced rates with a Noon discount code.


2- Cargos

Cargo shorts and pants came into fashion in the mid-’90s and are still the mainstay of men. It is very fashionable that you must not miss adding to your closet. But keep in mind that you need to wear them only for casual events as they give you a super casual appearance. Do not wear them to a party or a restaurant for brunch or dinner as it is not suitable for that.

3- Dress Shorts

When summer arrives, it calls for more than cargo that cannot be better than dress shorts. You just need to buy this pair of shorts for yourself and do need to go out the extra mile to buy anything else. To have a fun-filled summer you just have to do a minor upgrade with some nicer material and a slighter slimmer cut. So what are you waiting for? Buy this and make your life easier like never before.


4- Plaid/Madras

All those solid, natural tones could start to wear on you after a while. If you’re surrounded by khaki, olive, navy, and different beige tones, it might be time to venture outside of your short’s comfort zone. Finding a pair (or two) that fit your personality won’t be difficult because they are available in just about every color combination imaginable, from subtle to boisterous. It is very difficult to find the perfect shirt that contains plaids, but as long as it doesn’t have stripes, you should be fine. I hope it will guide you to make your decision wisely.