The New Invention, Rolex Watches, Acted As A Show Stopper When Launched At First

Rolex is the most luxurious brand, which has gained popularity because of its features and designs. Rolex was invented in 1950, and after that, it has improvised a lot to meet the demands of its valuable customers. This prestigious watch is being worn chiefly by dignitaries. In his article, we will discuss the Rolex Submariner, one of the best inventions for divers.


How Does It Look?

Among many unique Rolex watches, this watch also deserves special mention as it has a few distinctive features that many divers like. It has a unidirectional rotatable bezel, which is the primary function of this particular watch. It has a blue ceramic and royal blue dial and a luminescent hour marker, which will help to see the dial in the dark and make it easy for the divers to get clear visibility. The body is made of stainless steel, which is standard in all Rolex watches.

It also helps a diver measure the sea level for deep diving. Typically, a submarine is designed for divers as the watch can withstand water or air pressure. But it has been worn by athletes, swimmers, or those who enjoy outdoor sports. Astronauts have also started wearing this and feel enthusiastic about using it in space.

What Are Its Features?

  1. The watch is thoroughly water resistant, not allowing a single drop of water till 1000 meters. As mentioned before, it can bear water pressure.
  2. The watch is pure stainless steel, so no corrosion or rust can be seen.
  3. The oyster case is another added advantage of this watch, protecting it from dust or other pressure.
  4. Due to advanced technology rolex watches also improvised themselves a lot. At first, acrylic crystals were used, but now they have changed into scratch-resistant sapphire crystals.


Every Rolex watch has gained much popularity because of its craftsmanship and appreciable features. The belt is mainly made of stainless steel, but sometimes, leather bands are added, which also have a sophisticated look. So these watches were tested many times before showcasing them in the shops, and after buying, a warranty card has also been provided if any disruption is seen in the mechanism. As these watches have maintained their dignity since 1900, only a dignified person with a status symbol feels happy wearing a Rolex Submariner and preserving its heritage and status symbol.