The Ultimate Wedding Planner’s Handbook

Planning a wedding can be stressful whether you have two years or three months to prepare. If, like us, you constantly construct mental or written lists only to forget them minutes later, then you need our Ultimate Wedding Checklist.

Discuss the Guest List

Making a guest list is the second step after establishing a budget. The inclusion of people like your well-intentioned but excessively enthusiastic coworker may affect your budget, so it’s important to consider this beforehand. First, decide on the guests you’d want to see you on your big day, and then have your relatives give you a preliminary list of who they’d like to see you on their big day, but don’t hold them to it.

Explore a Variety of Locations

Before signing on the dotted line, it’s a good idea to shop around and compare the costs, packages, and constraints of a number of various venues for your wedding and reception. Keep looking at other viewpoints even if you find a venue and a package pricing that you like.

Purchase Wedding Garments

In order to have adequate time for fittings and modifications, we advise beginning your search immediately following the selection of your location and completing the purchase nine months before to the big day. Wedding party outfits should be purchased seven to eight months forward to the wedding day. , but the groom and his attendants’ apparel can be planned as early as five months out.

Get a Photographer and Caterer

If you’re on the fence about these service providers, give yourself at least nine months to make a decision before the wedding. In terms of wedding preparations, hiring photographers and videographers is at the top of the list, Marc Shaw Photography & Films being the popular one. Whether you’re interested in theme photography, candid shots, or something more traditional, you should definitely schedule your photographer and videographer as early as possible.

The Makeup Artist

The optimum time to schedule your pre-bridal or groom package at the salon and a makeup artist for the major ceremonies is now, so be sure to cross that off your list as soon as possible.