Top 5 Rolex Watches With Red Dial

The Rolex watch comes in a different colour. Although all colours look amazing when we talk of Rolex watches, all red has a unique appearance and style. The red Rolex watch goes perfectly whether you want to wear it for casual or formal occasions.

The red dial gives a fantastic look. This NGG Timepiece (เอ็น จี จี ไทม์พีซ, which is the term in Thai) watches goes perfectly with a special occasion. Its red dial and size attract the attention of your loved one.

Top 5 Rolex Watches With Red Dial

118139 Cherry Index Leather Rolex Watch

This round shape case 118139 Cherry Index Leather Rolex watch has attractive colour and elegant design. It utilizes a case size of 36mm and has stretch resistance sapphire. Build by using 18kt white gold, this watch looks different from another. It can resist water up to 100m and has a fixed bezel. The watch is perfect for red-coloured watch lovers.

118239 Cherry Index Oyster Rolex Watch

The 118239 Cherry Index Oyster Rolex watch day-date is a royal-looking watch known for its stylish and unique appearance. It comes under the recognizable watch of Rolex with its 36mm dimension case and round-shaped simple yet elegant dial. This watch suits your personality with a Bordeaux colour finish and crocodile band material.

118239 Cherry Index President Rolex Watch

This NGG Timepiece attracted the attention of Rolex watch lovers for a long time. Used by many famous personalities and leaders, this red watch is made within Rolex in-house, ensuring the quality and durability of the product. The watch has a sophisticated 36mm round-shaped dial and is made from 18ktbwhite gold. With a 100m water resistance capacity, this product satisfies the need of buyers.

118206 Cherry Index President Rolex Watch

This red Rolex watch looks perfect on your wrist and fits your personality and lifestyle. This water-resistant watch having a round shape with a dimension of 36mm is the choice of famous characters. The watch enables you to show the date and time to the user simultaneously. The in-built quality is excellent and known your its durability and stylish look.

118346 Cherry Index President Rolex Watch

This red-coloured watch looks excellent on the wrist of the user. The round shape and elegant appearance of the eye attract the attention of everyone. This NGG Timepiece has its unique look and feature among all red dial watches, and the watch suits perfectly on every occasion.